The Aura


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In Buenos Aires, the epileptic taxidermist Esteban Espinosa is a painstaking man that likes to plot the perfect heist. When his wife leaves him, he accepts the invitation of his friend Sontag to hunt in a forest. They rent a cabin owned by Diana Dietrich and her husband Carlos Dietrich but soon they have an argument and Sontag returns to Buenos Aires. Esteban stays alone and while hunting a deer, he accidentally kills Dietrich near a shed. Esteban opens the shed and finds a plan for the heist of an armored truck. When he returns to the cabin, he stumbles with the criminals Sosa and Montero that are seeking out Dietrich. Now Esteban has the chance to execute the perfect crime he has dreamt on.—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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