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    5 Days of War

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  • Genre :

    War , Drama

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    5.6 / 10

  • Cast :

    Rupert Friend , Emmanuelle Chriqui , Val Kilmer , Heather Graham


In this intensely human portrayal of courage under fire, acclaimed director Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger) combines heart pounding action with real human drama, as he tells the riveting story of a war reporter caught behind enemy lines during the 2008 Russian invasion of Georgia. As a nation fights for its very survival, a brave and passionate coalition of international reporters and local Georgians risk their lives to tell the true human cost of military conflict. Filmed for six weeks on location, 5 DAYS OF AUGUST is a riveting, suspenseful portrait of the courage under fire. His spirit broken after an Iraqi ambush in Bagdad takes the life of close friend Miriam Eisner (Heather Graham), American war correspondent, Thomas Anders (Rupert Friend), seeks escape from the ghosts of his past. Rumors of war draw him to a military hot zone in the republic of Georgia, on the eve of a Russian invasion. Reunited with a small, intrepid band of war reporters in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, Anders takes his cameraman and fellow road-warrior, Sebastian (Richard Coyle), on the road north, toward the breakaway republic of South Ossetia, just in time to witness a Russian airstrike on the peaceful village of Vaziani. While Russian bombs rain down, Anders and Sebastian boldly document the devastation, then shuttle survivors to a military hospital in Gori, with the help of a brave and beautiful, Georgian school teacher, named Tatia (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Unable to break his story through the noise of Russian propaganda and a world distracted by the Olympics in China, Anders and Sebastian race back to the battle zone to help a desperate Tatia find her missing family. Caught in the crossfire of full-scale combat and witness to the murder of civilians in another Russian assault, Anders records the evidence that will shock the world. But before he can act, Anders is captured, along with Sebastian and Tatia, by the architects of these atrocities, the ruthless Colonel Demidov (Rade Serbedjiza) and his mercenary killer, Daniil (Mikko Nousiainen). Just when all seems lost they are rescued in a daring raid by a Georgian soldier, Captain Rezo (Johnathon Schaech). Anders and his friends, including the world-weary Dutchman (Val Kilmer), must stand and fight for their freedom and their cause in a final battle in the city of Gori. Ultimately, while President Saakashvilli (Andy Garcia) seeks help from his allies, Anders faces one last test of courage as he strives to save Tatias life by sacrificing everything but the truth.

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